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about meReverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. "Bit of Pere Ubu vibe, funkier, nice biscuit tin drum sound & minimalist approach recalling a lot of post punk with an eery reverb drenched vocal, David Thomas meets Barney Sumner glam punk!" BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

Latest Release

  • State of the art (day 204)

  • Teen style love addiction (day 205)

  • Drowing my sorrows (day 206)

  • Through gritted teeth (day 207)

  • The courage of imagination (day 208)

  • Spoof (day 209)

  • My fake Ray Bans (day 210)

365 Random selection

  • Bouncing off the walls (day 32)

  • Why? (day 1)

  • This house is empty (day 10)

  • My brains a padded cell (day 26)

  • School gate politics (day 64)

  • Movin' Forward (day 74)

  • I am Peter the magnificent (day 73)

  • My life flashes behind me (day 105)

  • Do you want five minutes (day 91)

  • Bent (day 33)

Latest News

On Monday we met again with Karen from Harkii Media who is directing and producing a documentary on the 365. Having filmed some of our recent live set in Soho recently, Karen came to our rehearsal space in Welwyn Garden City at Farm Factory Studios and interviewed the band. She will also be doing some filming out our forthcoming Dublin Castle date, so if you fancy being part of our history, see you on 10th May.

Big thanks to RealMusic Show in Shoreditch for playing You’re a Cult – Day (312), Hugh at CRMK Milton eyes for playing School Gate Politics (day 64) on his show, Denise Parsons at Verulam Radio for playing My Fake Ray Bans (day 208) on radio Verulam and also North Herts Radio for playing new RF material and the Andreas and The Wolf Perfect Pop Radio Show for playing Guinea Pig haired doctors son (day 202) on their April Pod #rf365

Boo, it’s Monday AGAIN!!! – Hooray! it’s new release day, we welcome to the world RFEP30! For those who are still keeping up! We’ve now reached day 204 of The Reverse Family #rf365.  As we say each week we are MASSIVELY grateful to you for all of your sharing, clicking, following and by nature if you do all of those enjoying of our little art project! As ever please don’t falter, keep spreading the word, for as you know in this oh so glorious digital age, thumbs ups and hearts are all that’s important and are quantified by the man[…]

Thanks to Pete Coulson on The RealMusik on Shoreditch Radio Show for play listing ‘You’re a Cult (day 313)’ for his show tomorrow – Wednesday 18 April 2018 at 2pm Lots of new releases, gig overflow, and a legend remembered. Playlist Pretty Gritty-Love Don’t Live Here Any More Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith-An Intention Van Susans-Plans Van Morrison-Bright Side of the Road The Filthy Tongues-Back to Hell Hayley McKay-Chance to Change Keid-Pretty People Tears of Happiness-Lose This Feeling HybridBeats-The Awakening The Reverse Family-You’re a Cult The Low Countries-Gent Ali Jacko-What If I Loved You Like That Eddie Cochran-Somethin’ Else Henri Herbert-Mississippi Blues Michael[…]

It’s now been 29 weeks since this project began. EP29 starts at Day 197 with a track called Inadequacy. As ever the thankyous are HUGE to all who are liking, playing, sharing, buying and streaming (all or even one of) our tracks. It helps to keep the faith and focus more than you know could know.  REVERSE FAMILY EP29 (RFEP29) Inadequacy (day 197) Taurine liposomes and guava (day 198) You are two (day 199) My own imagination (day 200) Alone again – unnaturally (day 201) Posh guinea pig haired doctors son (day 202) The agendas we pursue (day 203) Produced[…]

A new week that had never experienced EP28… will now, YES, welcome to Day 190 of the #rf365. GIANT thankyous to each and everyone of you for liking, playing, sharing, buying and streaming (all or even one of) our tracks, spread the word or shown interest in what we are doing this has been a huge body of work to output and we can’t underestimate what your faith has done to help keep us on track REVERSE FAMILY EP28 (RFEP28) The Dr. P Predilection (day 190) Opacity (day 191) Stress Junkies (day 192) Working weak (day 193) Misinformation (day 194)[…]

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