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about meReverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. "Bit of Pere Ubu vibe, funkier, nice biscuit tin drum sound & minimalist approach recalling a lot of post punk with an eery reverb drenched vocal, David Thomas meets Barney Sumner glam punk!" BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

Latest Release

  • Do you want five minutes (day 91)

  • I'm looking at you and I'm thinking yeah (day 93)

  • I'm not wired up for the world (day 95)

  • The night caller from outer space (day 103)

365 Random selection

  • Bouncing off the walls (day 32)

  • Why? (day 1)

  • This house is empty (day 10)

  • My brains a padded cell (day 26)

  • School gate politics (day 64)

  • Movin' Forward (day 74)

  • I am Peter the magnificent (day 73)

  • My life flashes behind me (day 105)

  • Do you want five minutes (day 91)

  • Bent (day 33)

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Marmite band… A diverse and reverse view of #rf365 from TunaTheDay Haha, 10/10. Every so often everything sounds so slick and overproduced, it’s good to hear some lo-fi. The song itself reminds me, of all things, of Summer Nights from Grease. From America’s Say Hi and Advance Base, to homegrown acts like Half Man Half Biscuit, Swell Maps, the Lovely Eggs etc, I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of naive, quirky stuff over the years. esrever family slot really nicely into all of that. Their backlist through the link is astonishing. Dozens and dozens of songs. It’s like[…]

Yes it’s that Monday feeling AGAIN!!! But we’re still keeping our chins up as we’ve now reached day 141 of The Reverse Family #rf365. EP21 is out and live NOW! As ever we are MASSIVELY grateful for all of your sharing, clicking, following and by nature if you do all of those enjoying of our little art project! Please don’t falter, keep spreading the word for as you know in this glorious digital age all of your thumbs ups and hearts are quantified by the man and are the keys to our well being! REVERSE FAMILY EP21 (RFEP21) Chemistry Set[…]

Dear friends YES, it’s Monday so by now all of you have guessed as we are celebrating a new EP release today, this little beauty we’ve named RFEP20! We’ve now reached day 134 of The Reverse Family #rf365. As ever our gratitude to you for all of your sharing, clicking, following and by nature if you do all of those enjoying of our little art project is boundless and unending! Thankfully all of the nasty, lazy gremlins who’ve dogged our last couple of releases appear now to have regained their focus, so we’re back on course for World domination. So[…]

Last August we gave you a first look and insight into the epic new project from Reverse Family. Starting the following October, the plan with 365 was to release 52 EPs as one a week for a whole year, each of their songs representing a single day in the inspiring life of its creator. Reverse Family is the solo project of Dermot Illogical, though you may know him as Andreas Vanderbraindrain, the frontman of British outfit The Tuesday Club. With its brainchild embracing the various talents of others, Reverse Family first grabbed keen attention with debut album My Songs About Life Mid Crisis in 2016. In so many[…]

Dear friends YES, it’s Monday so by now all of you have guessed as it’s 2018 and I’m still breathing it must be time for a new release! Indeed it is… Happy #rfep19 to us… for today you guessed it RFEP19 is released. We’ve now reached day 127 of The Reverse Family #rf365.   Before we allow you all to gorge yourselves on it’s delight we must just update you on our ongoing disfunction with our (PAID FOR distribution)… AND apologise for any disruption in your listening pleasure.   You will remember (those of you dedicated to our cause) that[…]

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