Reverse Family


Reverse Family live at Hertford Corn Exchange

BIG thanks to the mighty Lasers Eight O’clock Day One and Denise for the invite to play their show at Hertford Corn Exchange tonight, twas a blast. Big thanks to Martin for his drum expertise and as ever the legends that are Rog and Dave. We’re returning to the studio for mixing duties. Those in the know, will be aware that this album, is just the tip of the iceberg! Much to follow in the autumn, fests, TV and a lot of new music… x

A successful launch for My ‘Songs About Life Mid Crisis’ at Trestle in St.Albans!

Big thanks to everyone who was into our new thang last night at Trestle Arts Theatre in St.Albans – not least those who purchased My Songs About Life Mid Crisis (what a buzz selling those beauties!)

Big thanks all the Reverse Family for their belief – to Matt and Rog for great debut performances and the superb rhythm section action once more from Johnny V and the mighty Minx!

Big thanks to Denise and the Trestle crew for a great night with great sound and to The Trailer trash orchestra and Thermofish for their great and crazy diversity – we hope the birthday celebrations are still in full swing. And finally not least thanks to all the familiar and fantastic faces for keeping up with our schizoid ebb and flow.

See you at our next gig which is an in store at Empire records on Sunday 14th May between 1 and 3pm. Have a great bank hols you’ve all earned a rest x

photos courtesy of Martin Stewart