EP31 Out today!

Rather a great end to last week with our first BBC6 Play and feature on Tom Robinson’s latest MixTape. So hopefully a great start to this one, as it’s now been 31 weeks since this project began. EP31 starts with Cry myself awake (day 211). HUGE thankyous to each and all who are liking, playing, sharing, buying and streaming (all or even one of) our tracks. It helps to keep the faith and focus more than you know could know. Listen to day 214 for a special motivational track in that vein 😉 


Cry myself awake (day 211)
Oh Geezer (day 212)
Parole is denied (day 213)
Nobody knows (day 214)
A pocket full of bile (day 215)
I’m sorry (day 216)
How far can you take your reallity? (day 217)

Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans. Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015

©reverse family 2018 this weeks themes… #crying #waking #geezer #parole #nobody #pockets #bile #sorry #reality #reversefamily #perfectpopcoop #rf365

Here’s some links for trying and buying!