The Sunday Experience – Way it Goes review

Sold Out
  • Date: November 16, 2016
  • Location: St.Albans, England
  • Venue: Way it Goes Review

reverse family dermot illogical

This slyly infectious thang is heading out from the same sound collective that brought you the Scratch and the Tuesday Club. Now comes Reverse Family Dermot Illogical with promise of a debut album due Spring time from which the loose and snazzy slinky strut that is ‘Way it Goes’ has been leaked as a mooching club floor teaser as to whats to come. Time tunnelling it way from a new wave age to present day, this glam funked schizoid crooner is possessed of the kind of wayward outsider pop dialect that imagines odd popper Gary Wilson doing Adam Ant homages whilst shimmying up to a class of 1980 gathering of Jona Lewie and Robin Scott moonlighting as M types.