‘Suns rays…’ on Punky Radio!

BIG Thanks to Punky Radio for featuring ‘Suns rays are just like birthdays’ (day 20) on this weeks playlist. It’s the first track from 365 to be playlist
Here’s this week’s Punky! playlist:
Song 1: Headstone Horrors – Road To Purgatory
Song 2: The Reverse Family – Suns Rays Are Just Like Birthdays
Song 3: The MacGregors – Dead In The Hedgerow
Song 4: The Rippers – Don’t Get Along
Song 5: Rough Grind – Coffin To Go
Song 6: Control Freaks – Blowtorch Love
Song 7: Fake Billy And The False Prophets – Restless
Song 8: Marvel – All Over The News
Song 9: Voice Of Addiction – Rustbelt
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