Happy 2018 and thanks to you all

Reverse Family would like to say a great big thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout our first year as a band and what a year, 2017 was. A vinyl only LP release, 10 gigs, radio shows, a tv performance and of course the release of the first 13 of our 52 eps. Huge thanks goes to Steve Honest for showing undaunted zeal in helping to get the things mixed and mastered! To everyone who has bought, clicked, shared, liked, understood, supported and loved what we’re trying to do our thanks and genuine gratitude are overfloweth. Finally huge thanks to the ever expanding band; The Minx, Dave, JV, Rog and our guest stars, Matt Edmond (guitar), Martin Wakeling (drums) and Dan K Brown (Bass) and all of our friends and families who’ve stood by us, more often than not at the front!