The final release EP52

Happy Monday to you all on this the last Monday of the 365, WEEK 52! We have reached our goal. It is the end. For one final time we post a new 7 track ep and reiterate our love, huge respect and admiration to all of you who have liked, played, shared, bought and streamed any or all of this project. You know who you are. You’ve always been there for us. You are stars in our eyes and always will be.

This final week begins with a track named The last year of the big boys (359) 

All of the released tracks are here and shall remain for your listening pleasure, if you are new to the 365. Why not wait until January 1st and play all of the songs in sequence on the date they were written in 2015. It may give you even more insight into how that bewildering year evolved, then again it may not.


The biggest love and thanks of all goes to Tigerlily and Anna who have supported the 365 all of the way from January 2015 and encouraged it’s completion. Big love also goes to the Band, Minx, John, Dave, Rog and our collaborators Paul, Martin, Matt, Dan, to Steve Honest for his amazing patience and production skills and always to Terry. x

Reverse Family look forward to sharing the love with all of those who have shown such amazing support at the Closing Party.


The last year of the big boys (359)
The bleaching of beaching (day 360)
We are the team (day 361)
Earthquake (day 362)
Dance ’til we drop (day 363)
Lucky thirteen (day 364)
Breathy graffiti (day 365)

Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans. Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015

©reverse family 2018 this weeks themes…#rfep52 #359songsin365days #BigBoys #Beaching #Team #EarthQuake #Dancetilyoudrop #lucky #13 #Breathy #graffiti  #reversefamily #perfectpopcoop #52eps1year #newmusicmonday #rf365

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