RealMusik Radio Show – You’re a Cult – Tomorrow

Thanks to Pete Coulson on The RealMusik on Shoreditch Radio Show for play listing ‘You’re a Cult (day 313)’ for his show
tomorrow – Wednesday 18 April 2018 at 2pm

Lots of new releases, gig overflow, and a legend remembered.


Pretty Gritty-Love Don’t Live Here Any More
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith-An Intention
Van Susans-Plans
Van Morrison-Bright Side of the Road
The Filthy Tongues-Back to Hell
Hayley McKay-Chance to Change
Keid-Pretty People
Tears of Happiness-Lose This Feeling
HybridBeats-The Awakening
The Reverse Family-You’re a Cult
The Low Countries-Gent
Ali Jacko-What If I Loved You Like That
Eddie Cochran-Somethin’ Else
Henri Herbert-Mississippi Blues
Michael P Cullen-Do You Believe?
Tupelo-Cotton to Silk
Chloe-Recall: Ben Chemie Remix
Burning Codes-Loss Leader
The Evil Usses-Grouse
Riches-For the Moment
Those Unfortunates-Woodlouse
Sgt. Buzfuz-Humble Pie
Grace Solero-Eternal Love
Nadia Sheikh-Flip the Coin
Georgia Meek-Bare
Oly Ralfe-The Bridge