RFEP14 back in circulation!

Some of you may think you’ve seen this before, technically you have it was released on New Years day, but due to the fact day 98 was missing we had to send it back to the menders to have it glued back on! So finally here is RFEP14! Happy Friday and thanks as ever for the support!

Day 92 of the 365, welcome along for the ride!


When you smile (day 92)

I’m looking at you (day 93)

Six days six hours of sleep (day 94)

I’m not wired up for this world (day 95)

You always pull away (day 96)

Who will be the first (day 97)

I’m sick (day 98)

Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans. Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015

©reverse family 2017

this weeks themes… #MyHomeTown #ArtisMagic #17 #SoullessCity #Entschuldigung #reversefamily #perfectpop #rf365

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