RFEP21 Out today!

Yes it’s that Monday feeling AGAIN!!! But we’re still keeping our chins up as we’ve now reached day 141 of The Reverse Family #rf365. EP21 is out and live NOW!

As ever we are MASSIVELY grateful for all of your sharing, clicking, following and by nature if you do all of those enjoying of our little art project! Please don’t falter, keep spreading the word for as you know in this glorious digital age all of your thumbs ups and hearts are quantified by the man and are the keys to our well being!


Chemistry Set (day 141)

A lot of what you can do (day 142)

Urbanised suburbanised (day 143)

Garageland (day 144)

Apple of my eye (day 145)

Parameters of urge (day 146)

Inspite of myself (day 147)

Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans. Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015

©reverse family 2018

this weeks themes… #ChemistrySet #Urbanised #suburbanised  #Garageland #Apple #eye #Parameters urge  #reversefamily #perfectpop #rf365

Here’s some links for trying and buying!