Tuna The Day – ‘Marmite’ band

Marmite band… A diverse and reverse view of #rf365 from TunaTheDay

Haha, 10/10. Every so often everything sounds so slick and overproduced, it’s good to hear some lo-fi. The song itself reminds me, of all things, of Summer Nights from Grease.

From America’s Say Hi and Advance Base, to homegrown acts like Half Man Half Biscuit, Swell Maps, the Lovely Eggs etc, I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of naive, quirky stuff over the years. esrever family slot really nicely into all of that.

Their backlist through the link is astonishing. Dozens and dozens of songs. It’s like discovering an alternate universe, where studio values count for little. Have already found myself wandering round singing ‘she’s a dick and he’s the balls’ and ‘do you want five minutes in the office to get your composure?’ Hahaha. Splendid stuff. I may have to go up to London to catch them live.

Please note. All IMHO. This is in no way an objective recommendation. I have the feeling they’re very much a Marmite band. šŸ˜‰

Paul Christopher

Absolutely! I couldn’t agree less. I am so not in the mood for self indulgent, couldn’t care less what it sounds like. This is not about lo fi, it’s flat line rock.

This kind of presentation has been trotted out regularly by bands since the Velvets patented punk. I think never with such a complete lack of adrenaline. If that is to be admired, then ok but not here.

Now that’s a rant!

Major players in my day The Only Ones and the ultimate song in the genre.

Andy Cordy