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about meReverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. "Bit of Pere Ubu vibe, funkier, nice biscuit tin drum sound & minimalist approach recalling a lot of post punk with an eery reverb drenched vocal, David Thomas meets Barney Sumner glam punk!" BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

Latest Release

  • Mp3 (day three ten)

  • Hanker for the rush (day three eleven)

  • Frankenstyle (day three twelve)

  • You're a cult (day three thirteen)

  • Community Support (day three fourteen)

  • Man of Victoriana (day three fifteen)

  • St.Albans sink holes caused by hipster gold (day three sixteen)

365 Random selection

  • Bouncing off the walls (day 32)

  • Why? (day 1)

  • This house is empty (day 10)

  • My brains a padded cell (day 26)

  • School gate politics (day 64)

  • Movin' Forward (day 74)

  • I am Peter the magnificent (day 73)

  • My life flashes behind me (day 105)

  • Do you want five minutes (day 91)

  • Bent (day 33)

Latest News

Boo, it’s already Monday AGAIN!!! – Hooray! it’s new release day, as we welcome to the world RFEP46! For those who are still keeping up! We’ve now reached day 317 of The Reverse Family #rf365. Don’t worry if you’ve been away, you can still hear all of the 365 releases at As we say each week we are MASSIVELY grateful to you for all of your sharing, clicking, following and by nature if you do all of those enjoying of our little art project! As ever please don’t falter, keep spreading the word, for as you know in this[…]

With just a (magnificent) 7 eps after this one to go, the mood is steely and determined as we welcome RFEP45 to the world. Now into the 310s, this week we begin with a track about the humble yet controversial mp3. As with every week – we send huge respect and love to all of those who still like, play, share, buy and stream any or all of this ep. You are a true friend, believer and star in our eyes! Finally, before you launch into day 310 – a quick reminder that all of the currently released tracks are[…]

Big thanks @HughDavenport2 for mastering his ‘mixcloudaphobia’ to post last nights show. Hope you enjoy the 13 tracks of the 365 plus some classics and new tracks that influenced it or keep us inspired today #rf365

The Biggest of Thanks to Hug(h)e Davenport for playing these reverse family tracks tonight: 304 (exclusive), 305, 6, 275, 10, 135, 340 (exclusive), 148, 1, 7, 262, 20, 21 on the reverse family 365 takeover of the Eclectic plectrum show on If you missed it have no fear podcast will be available soon #rf365

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