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about meReverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. "Bit of Pere Ubu vibe, funkier, nice biscuit tin drum sound & minimalist approach recalling a lot of post punk with an eery reverb drenched vocal, David Thomas meets Barney Sumner glam punk!" BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

Latest Release

  • The last year of the big boys (day three five nine)

  • The bleaching of beaching (day three sixty)

  • We are the team (day three six one)

  • Earthquake (day three six two)

  • Dance 'til we drop (day three six three)

  • Lucky thirteen (day three six four)

  • Breathy graffiti (day three six five)

365 Random selection

  • Hand of God, Tom Robinson BBC6 Mixtape

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Cheers to Pete Coulson for play listing Do it Just for Me (day 344) (from the recent Nub Sampler and RFEP49) on The RealMusik Radio Show on Shoreditch radio Friday 5 October 2018 at Midday… We’re in some esteemed company here: Janis Joplin-One Night Stand Justin Faye-Let Me Smoke Your Sweet Lips, Again Just a Jester-Beautiful Day Dima-Sounds of Life Gun Runners-Brothers The Reverse Family-Do It Just for Me Glen Matlock-Montague Terrace (In Blue) Christine & the Queens-Doesn’t Matter Gavin Chappell-Bates-Do What You Like Julian Velard-Nanny & a Hard Place Phosphorescent-New Birth in New England Sir-Vere-Nightime The Nightingales-Big Dave Sylar-No Way[…]

And so it all ends… Today is the last day and last song of #rf365 Today’s track Breathy Graffiti is day 365 of 365. I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has liked, shared, streamed, purchased and supported this very personal and huge undertaking of a project, there are too many people to thank here, so I’ll do it in person with you next Saturday at the Closing Party. Much love and respect to you all. Signing out Dermot Illogical x

  Today sees the release of the last Nub Sampler. For all of you ‘bite size chunkers’ out there, It is the final release of Reverse Family, Sampler 12 – 28 Sep – RF365SAMP12 Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans Available from all of your favourite digital shopkeepers including #amazon #itunes #deezer #soundcloud #applemusic etc… or stream here: featuring songs from: #rfep49 #rfep50 #rfep51 #rfep52 Do it just for me (day 344) Your house (day 346) Salt (day 355) Breathy graffiti (day 365) Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015 #reversefamily #nubmusic #rf365 #sampler12

Happy Monday to you all on this the last Monday of the 365, WEEK 52! We have reached our goal. It is the end. For one final time we post a new 7 track ep and reiterate our love, huge respect and admiration to all of you who have liked, played, shared, bought and streamed any or all of this project. You know who you are. You’ve always been there for us. You are stars in our eyes and always will be. This final week begins with a track named The last year of the big boys (359)  All of[…]

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