Reverse Family


FREEmix giveaway – Way it Goes – Perfect Pop Co-Op

FREEmix giveaway of Way it Goes – Perfect Pop Co-Op. Big thanks to the Perfect Pop Co-Op’s Beautiful Wolf for his superfunk remix of Way it Goes.

In the Club – March 2017
We’ll be giving it away as a bonus pre- ‘My songs about life mid crisis’ album release treat, when you buy debut single ‘Way it Goes‘. The official release date of the single is Friday 31st March, but you can get your copy in advance via this months Perfect Pop ‘In the Club’ online magazine, so make sure you’re following the Perfect Pop Co-Op!

Here’s the December issuu, featuring an interview with Dermot and a great review by The Ringmaster

Record Stores Stocking – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis

Thanks to these, the first record stores stocking – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis. Empire Records St.Albans, will be making a fuss of us as ever, including an in-store on Sunday May 14th. A BIG thanks also goes out to Norman records in Leeds and Soundclash records in Norwich – who have also both said that they’ll stock the vinyl. Here’s a link and a great soundbite from those top geezers at Norman Records.

“There’s an air of flippancy about Reverse Family’s latest full-length – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis; but actually, this is a well structured slab of funk-infused glam rock. Tracks such as ‘Way It Goes’ are driven by drunken guitar solos and lyrics that hardly appear sober, but the whole thing amounts to a very satisfying listen.”

And they’ve even set up a link, so you can pre-order your copy here!

MSALMC Album Launch

My Songs About life Mid Crisis – will be officially launched on Saturday 29th April at Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans, there are no details yet of the line up for the night, both in terms of the event or the band! But we will be featuring members 5 and 6… More to follow soon…