Record Stores Stocking – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis

Thanks to these, the first record stores stocking – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis. Empire Records St.Albans, will be making a fuss of us as ever, including an in-store on Sunday May 14th. A BIG thanks also goes out to Norman records in Leeds and Soundclash records in Norwich – who have also both said that they’ll stock the vinyl. Here’s a link and a great soundbite from those top geezers at Norman Records.

“There’s an air of flippancy about Reverse Family’s latest full-length – My Songs About Life Mid Crisis; but actually, this is a well structured slab of funk-infused glam rock. Tracks such as ‘Way It Goes’ are driven by drunken guitar solos and lyrics that hardly appear sober, but the whole thing amounts to a very satisfying listen.”

And they’ve even set up a link, so you can pre-order your copy here!