My Songs About Life Mid Crisis – OUT TODAY!

My Songs About Life Mid Crisis – OUT TODAY!

Good morning, Hopefully you’re all having a well earned Easter break. Just a quick reminder that it doesn’t have to only be chocolate this weekend. Why not give the constantly rewarding gift of Limited Edition 12″ black vinyl – unlike a chocolatier who has literally just poured a load of ingredients into a bowl and whisked it together, we at Reverse Family have poured our hearts, souls and no little blood, sweat and tears into the production of this once in a lifetime gift.

So please if you can spare, 5 minutes to walk into town, 10 minutes on the bus, 30 in the car, or even send a friend if you can’t make it out, please, please help us sell out at Empire Records, St.Albans today. Just ask Dave or Eddie for – My Songs about life mid crisis, and we guarantee you’ll never look back.

Happy Easter everyone and remember when it does sell out, your friends will still have the launch party at Trestle Arts base on 29th to make amends for their two weeks of disparity in the cool stakes 🙂 x

Ps. Don’t forget if you live in Totnes (Drift) Ruislip (Sounds of the Suburbs), Norwich (Soundclash) and Stevenage (Revolution) you can buy instore or online at Norman Records in Leeds. Thanks for all the support x