We are the team – Radiorama!

What with the shock that England are still in the World Cup with Germany on their way home. We’d like that all of these great RF World Cuparama supporters for their unwavering faith!

Radio Woking – Played track on Jun 18 http://www.radiowoking.co.uk/crossing-the-tracks-blog-programme-broadcast-18-06-18/

Ear Candy Radio – Tim will feature WATT in June 

Heat FM  – Gordon will feature track on his show

The Ginger Quiff –  “I’ll give it a blast at the weekend” 

The Source FM – Barry hoping to feature mp3 on this weekends show

Zetland FM – Karl will play on Transmission show

Deal Radio – Gwen will feature track in June

Siren FM – Listen again online http://southsidebroadcasting.podbean.com/e/crooners-coles-dermot-illogical-paper-wallahs-tracey-browne/ 

Punky Radio – Track on this weeks show

Control Radio – Added We Are The Team to station playlist